We rent out fascination

The revolutionary ASB LumiFlex turns any space into a unique visual experience. The entire floor surface becomes a multi-functional monitor that spectacularly stages your project. 

Fascination guaranteed!

The patented, extremely durable glass surface is one of the most innovative floor surfaces ever made and is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use such as:

Fascination made in Germany!

The premium product of the long-standing manufacturer ASB from the Bavarian town Stein an der Traun can be hired through the ASB Rental Solutions for events of all kinds – including consulting, construction, operation, dismantling and accompanying services.

Your advantages at a glance

Full cost control
We arrange fix prices and therefore provide you with certainty and transparency. 

Individuale solutions
We assist you in selecting the right floor for your event and advise you on the possible visual effects that create excitement and a long-lasting impression on visitors.

Complete service with construction and dismantling
We make it easy. We provide a comprehensive service package for transport, installation, commissioning and support before, during and after your event.

Insurance as desired
We are happy to advise you on how to avoid and manage risks. So that there are only fascinated visitors, but no nasty surprises.

50 Reason for the ASB GlassFloor

A lot speaks in favour of the ASB GlassFloor. Learn more about what makes the surface so unique.

The Flooring of the Future

Completely new, revolutionary use of existing floor spaces.

One floor – unlimited possibilities for events of all kinds.

Sporting events

In sports, the ASB LumiFlex convinces with outstanding features. ASB GlassFloors not only meet all the technical requirements of a modern sports floor, but offer much more:

At the touch of the control panel a professional playing field can be switched on for any sport.

The display of sponsors, logos and the playback of videos on the entire playing surface and various combinations are possible.

The ASB GlassFloor is more elastic than most wooden floors

The portable system can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

In combination with the specially developed aluminium double-sprung floor substructure, uniform elasticity and absorption values are achieved over the entire surface – a great feeling for the athletes!

The ASB sports floor meets most European and universal standards for high performance sports floors, including EN and DIN Norm.

For that reason, the floor is ideal for indoor and outdoor competitions of various disciplines such as basketball, handball, netball, volleyball, futsal, badminton, fencing, etc. The fact that the strict performance criteria for sports floors are not only met, but even exceeded, makes the ASB glass floor the most innovative sports floor currently available on the market.

In addition to a great glass flooring with outstanding features for the athletes, the ASB LumiFlex allows the organiser to generate revenue by using the video surface as an advertising medium. Fascinating and entertaining – an experience for the audience!

Trade fairs & exhibitions

The modular floor is ideal for trade fairs and exhibitions. It stages products and companies in a completely new and spectacular way. An eye-catcher and visitor magnet, the floor transports information and generates emotions. Unique, innovative and in a never seen before intensity.

Product presentations

Make your product a star! On the video floor of ASB, presentations of automotives are just as possible as of innovative household appliances, consumer electronics or video games. The floor can be used as a visual accompaniment, for the presentation of products, simulation of production processes and much more.

Unlimited possibilities for fascinating market presence that will be remembered.


With the floor of ASB not only the artists themselves can be put into the lime light, but also the great media attention of concerts can be utilised in the best possible way for advertising purposes. This allows to stage an unprecedented show.

Fashion shows & catwalks

ASB GlassFloors do not only provide a visual experience, they also offer the perfect grip thanks to their unique, patented surface.

For the safe performance of your models and a spectacular event: the perfect staging of your collection!

Shops & pop-up stores

Pop-up stores are vying for attention. With ASB LumiFlex this attention is guaranteed. And if requested, the store can look different every day or diverse brands can be displayed. A floor for unlimited creativity!

Indoor- & Outdoor marketing campaigns

Whether in the entrance area of a trade fair, a shopping mall or a movie premiere: The ASB LumiFlex reinvents the red carpet! Let your visitors run across virtual water surfaces or hover over treetops or the skyline of Manhattan. Here, images are created that go around the world. Whether as a background or in focus: thanks to its pin-sharp images, the ASB LumiFlex delivers the ideal subject for high-resolution press photos as well as for the snapshot for social media.

Current application examples

Structural Build Up

Laminated, two layer safety glass panels are built from two 5 mm tempered security glass sheets, laminated with a 1.52 mm thick PVB-foil.

Special etching on the upper surface of the glass panels prevent light reflection and burned in ceramic dots provide slip resistance.

LED Screen – Technical Details
  • Pixel Pitch: 6.25 mm, pixel density 25,600 / 8.9 mm, pixel density 12,544
  • LED Type: RGB 3in1 SMD3535
  • LED Panel Size: 500 mm x 500 mm x 75 mm
  • Brightness: > 2,500 CD/m²
    Refresh Rate: 1,920 Hz
  • Source Compatibility: Simple, synchrone DVI / HDMI plug and play
  • Operating Temperature: -10° ∼ 50° C
  • Operating Humidity: 10 – 90% RH
  • Power Connection: TrueOne
  • Power Consumption: Avg 200 W/m² / Avg 100 W/m²
  • Power Consumption Max: 600 W/m² / 320 W/m²


Did we inspire your imagination? Which project would you like to turn into a fascinating, spectacular multimedia experience with the ASB LumiFlex? Let us talk about it!

Whether you have a question or need an individual offer, Mr. Beckmann will be pleased to advise you.

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